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Big Ol Fish. Friday Night Hike. Athlete Of The Week. Meet the Team. Submit Photos and Videos. Support Local Business. Gray DC Bureau. Investigate TV. Latest Newscasts. Excessive Heat Warning is in effect. Dismiss Weather Alerts Alerts Bar. Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearing on cattle market prices. Senator John Thune announced in a tweet Friday that the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing next Wednesday on potential manipulation in the beef market. A place for kids to ride and thrive, beginner friendly bike park debuts in Rapid City.

A 51 day ride from Missouri to Mount Rushmore, the three horses who put in the leg work. Former state legislator David Lust dies at Updated: Jul. By Jack Caudill. Lust spent ten years as a Republican state representative including four years as the House Majority Leader. IRS warns of child tax credit scams. By Nick Nelson. The IRS is now warning people of potential scammers that could take advantage of this new program.

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Police officer out after accusations of racial profiling. By Scarlett Lisjak. Last November, Rapid City Police Officer, Jeffery Otto was fired after the officer called into dispatch calling for a Mercedes Benz he thought was being driven by a young Native American to be stopped. Monument Health says price transparency a priority. President Joe Biden recently ed an executive order reinforcing that hospitals be transparent with their service prices. Sturgis Rally nears - tension, anticipation and excitement fills the streets. By Jeffrey Lindblom. Everybody was just -- I mean, everybody was a friend.

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Available only tonight while the truck roams Whitewood between and Submit an event. Wildfire smoke sparks health concerns. California, Washington, and Oregon are some of the states battling widespread forest fires, the particles from the burning forests are swept up by high winds and taken across the country, causing haze in the South Dakota sky. Housing shortage puts strain on incoming Airmen.

One of the biggest employers in Rapid City is Ellsworth Air Force Base, bringing thousands of people into the area, but for many Airmen moving to Rapid City there is no place to call home. Preventing floods, construction crews continue 52 yr old lookin Hill City male on St.

Joseph Street by Halley Park. How can you internationally travel with borders sporadically closing? By Gillian Trudeau. Advice from a travel agent on how you should stay updated and on top of the restrictions while internationally traveling. Rollover near New Underwood has one car beaten and battered. The car appeared to have rolled before coming to a stop at the bottom of the ditch.

Rapid City hosts Shen Yun, a performance through 5, years of Chinese history. The tagline of this performance is "China Before Communism. T-shirt stores, vendors prepare for Sturgis Rally. Judge orders medical records turned over in Ravnsborg case. By Associated Press. A judge overseeing the criminal trial of South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is ordering medical providers to turn over their health records for the man killed when Ravnsborg struck him last year. John Thune R-S. Drought Monitor shows notable disparities between different regions of of South Dakota.

By Jill Sears. A map of South Dakota, released today by the U. Drought Monitor, shows notable disparities between the different regions of the state. Rapid City restaurants struggle to find workers. A 51 day journey by horseback, two cowboys arrive from Missouri at Mount Rushmore. Water key to protecting construction workers from heat. While conditions are mostly clear to get the ro and buildings done, it can also be inconvenient to work in the sweltering heat of July and August.

FreedomFest travels to Rapid City this year with record attendance. FreedomFest kicked off their events this year at the Monument in Rapid City. More video lottery machines coming to Rapid City. By Miranda O'Bryan. You may see new video lottery machines coming to Rapid City soon.

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Consecutive life sentences on all counts for convicted Rapid City child rapist. By Jill Sears and Scarlett Lisjak. Convicted child rapist and sexual predator, Theodore Guzman of Rapid City, was sentenced today in the 7th circuit court.

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His conviction stems from three counts of first-degree rape and one count of having sexual contact with a minor. Prosecutors said the assaults happened between January and December Rise and Shine: Check South Dakota off the list. South Dakota. Community members discuss finding and honoring youth Native lives lost at Rapid city Boarding School. Sights unknown, of course, those sites have now been identified.

Council member looks back on Apollo 14 recovery mission.

52 yr old lookin Hill City male

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