Bored and i want to get out

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Boredom can actually make us more creative! Are you feeling restless? I got you covered!

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A recent survey of 2, Americans found that the average adult spends more than a third of their year in boredom. I want to show you 40 unique and productive things you can do to take advantage of your boredom streak! Beforethere was no word for boredom in the English language. After that, we have found many reasons to be bored.

Psychologist Sandi Mann devised an experiment in which she came up with one of the most boring activities she could think of: asking participants to spend 20 minutes writing down phone s from the phone book. Afterwards, she asked the participants to come up with as many different uses as they could for 2 paper cups. The result? They came up with somewhat creative ideas, like turning the cups into pots for plants. Instead of writing the s, she told the participants in a second group to read the s out loud from the phone book ouch! Unsurprisingly, this new group found this task to be even more boring than writing down s.

Boredom is an amazing way to channel that energy to work on your professional plan. Are you stuck at home? A vision board, or dream board, is a collage made of images, pictures, words, and affirmations. And I can confirm this as well.

Bored and i want to get out time I see my own personal vision board, I feel more motivated and ready to tackle the world head-on! Resource: Learn how to build a vision board of your own here. One of the best ways to snap out of boredom AND optimize a slow time is to flip your brain into learning mode. In learning mode you:. I highly recommend you start a learning bucket list. Sit down with a pen and paper or extend your vision boarding and answer these questions:. This is the type of work you do that you are the absolute best at!

It makes the time go by, you love doing it, and you can do it for hours without being bored. Not everyone is at their A-game. Which level are you performing at? You can also in our article here. Are you using your optimal speaking tone? Resource: Watch my video on how to find your maximum resonance point below:. But if you have a little clutter, I recommend trying the KonMari method of cleaning. This deep-cleaning method involves taking your physical possessions and getting rid of them if they do not bring joy into your life. Resource: Watch 52Kards Youtube channel to learn some amazing card tricks!

What types of music do you like for exercising, relaxing, and working? Create your playlists that match your activity! Resource: on the science of music here. atures might seem like a necessity, but they can reveal a lot about a person. Does your ature slant upwards or downwards? Does it contain embellishments? Is it big or small? Hard to read or clear? Resource: See how your ature pairs up, along with examples of famous people:. Humans have 7 basic emotions that can be seen through the face. An easy way to tell what emotions someone is displaying is by reading their facial microexpressions.

Resource: Learn to read the 7 microexpressions in our microexpressions guide. Airbnb recently released a new kind of activity called online experienceswhich lets you take a tour, play with animals, or even a cooking class in the comfort of your own home! Did you know that drawing mandalas has been shown to reduce anxiety? Resource: Learn how to draw a mandala and grab inspiration from these mandala examples. Sometimes you need a quick fix.

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Boy oh boy do I have a great video list for you! If you need to shake up your brain, snap out of a funk or recharge for a few minutes sometimes videos can do the trick. Here are some options depending on how much time you have or how deep your boredom is :. Of course, you can always subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest and greatest anti-boredom videos! Do you know your assets from your liabilities? Many Americans are dealing with debt, irregular income, and unwise spending habits. Learn to take control of your finance, and take control of your life!

Resources: Get started with Khan Academy for finance videos and Investopedia for specific terms. There are a lot of amazing books out there—from business, social skills, and relationships. It might sound counter-productive, but the silence where you let your mind sit and stir is where the true magic happens. So why not relax into your boredom?

You never know—you might find something truly profound or get inspired with a new creative spark! Resource: Let your mind stir and focus better with this Meditation Guide. Tired of spending time alone? Want to connect with friends and spend your time forming closer relationships?

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Check out these 15 things to do:. Do you know which language you prefer? What about your partner? Find out in the Love Language Quiz!

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Have you tried the Stop, Start, Continue exercise with your team? Resource: Watch the exercise below, or about it here. Get to know your friends and family better by getting them to take a personality test! Researchers have found that every single person has a specific personality made up of 5 traits:. Resource: Get started by taking our Big 5 Personality Test. Who says you have to be on the big screen to get your taste of stardom? Gather your friends, channel your inner Halle Barry or Brad Pitt, and put yourself out there! Resource: Get going with YouTube video ideas.

Did you know there are 36 questions that can bring 2 people closer together? I welcome you to try out these unique questions and see how deep and meaningful your conversations can get between you and your close friends mine sure did! Resource: See all 36 questions here. I absolutely love gathering my friends together for a board game night! Settlers of Catan is my go-to.

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Bored and i want to get out

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40 Productive (And Fun) Things to Do When You’re Bored