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Boston: Little Brown and Company, : THE role which a girl is expected to play in life is first of all indicated to her by her family in a series of aesthetic-moral definitions of the situation. Civilized societies, more especially, have endowed the young girl with a character of social sacredness. She has been the subject of a far-going idealization. This attitude has a useful side, though it has been overdone.

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The girl as child does not know she has any particular value until she learns it from others, but if she is regarded with adoration she correspondingly respects herself and tends to become what is expected of her. And so she has in fact a greater value. She makes a better marriage and reflects recognition on her family.

But we must understand that this sublimation of life is an investment. It requires that incessant attention and effort illustrated in document No. And there are families and whole strata of society where life affords no investments. There is little to gain and little to lose. Social workers report that -sometimes overburdened mothers with large families complain that they have no "graveyard luck" - all the children live.

In cases of great neglect Naked sex Rockford Illinois any older men like playing with a younger girl girl cannot be said to fall, because she has never risen. She is not immoral, because this implies the loss of morality, but a-moral -- never having had a moral code. Nine of the fifteen families [of the working class in -Rome] are formed on a non-legitimate basis In fourteen of the fifteen families there is habitual obscenity. The children hear and repeat the obscenity and are laughed at. Each member lives on the average on 25 lire a month.

Criminals and prostitutes frequent the homes and have liaisons with the girls. Mothers, going to work, leave the -children with a prostitute. The finer sentiments are notably lacking. Brothers and sisters quarrel and fight. Fights are habitual in eight of the fifteen families. The sentiment of modesty and delicacy does not develop in the young.

The regard for the child is expressed in the remark of a father about children who were not fed and picked up scraps on the street : "Let them have food when they make their own living. Any person who has dwelt among the denizens of the slums cannot fail to have brought home to him the existence of a stratum of society of no inconsiderable magnitude in which children part with their innocence long before puberty, in which personal chastity is virtually unknown, and in which "to have a baby by your father" is laughed at as a comic mishap.

The experiences of Commenge in Paris are instructive on this point. They attach no importance to their virginity; they are deflowered under the strangest conditions, without the least thought or care about the act they are accomplishing. No sentiment, no calculation, pushes them into a man's arms. They let themselves go without reflexion and without motive, in an almost animal manner, from indifference and without pleasure.

A girl of fourteen, living comfortably with her parents, sacrificed her virginity at a fair in return for a glass of beer, and henceforth begun to associate with prostitutes. In the United States, Dr. Travis Gibb, examining physician to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, bears similar testimony to the fact that in a fairly large proportion of " rape " cases the child - is the willing victim.

In round s nine tenths of the delinquent girls and three fourths of the delinquent boys come from the homes of the poor. Sixty-nine per cent of the girls and 38 per cent of the boys come from the lowest class, the "very poor ", the class in which there exists not merely destitution, but destitution accompanied by degradation, or destitution caused by degradation.

In Table 19 it appears that 31 per cent of the delinquent boys and 47 per cent of the delinquent girls before their appearance in court had lost one or both parents by death, desertion, imprisonment, or similar misfortune, and that they had not had the benefit of the wholesome discipline which normal family life affords. These children come in many instances from homes in which they have been accustomed from their earliest infancy to drunkenness, immorality, obscene and vulgar language filthy and degraded conditions of living.

Chicago, for whom family schedules were obtained, 31 were the daughters of drunken fathers, 10 at least had drunken mothers, 27 bad fathers who were of vicious habits 16 had immoral, vicious, or criminal mothers, while 12 belonged to families in which other members than the parents were vicious or criminal.

In at least 21 cases the father had shirked all responsibility and had deserted the family. There were also among these girls 11 who were known to be illegitimate children or children who had been abandoned, and there were 10 who had been victims of gross cruelty. Forty-one bad been in houses of prostitution or had been promiscuously immoral, one having been 11 a common street walker" at the age of eleven.

Four had sisters who had become immoral and had been committed to such institutions as the Chicago Refuge for Girls or the house of correction, while in seven cases two sisters had been sent to Geneva; nine had brothers who had been in such institutions as the parental school, the John Worthy School, the Bridewell, the state reformatory at Pontiac, or the state penitentiary at Joliet. The worst cases of all are those of the delinquent girls who come from depraved homes where the mother is a delinquent woman, or from homes still more tragic where the father has himself abused the person of the.

As a result of the interviews with the girls in the State Training School at Geneva, it appeared that in 47 cases the girl alleged that she had been so violated by some member of her family. In 19 cases the father, in 5 the uncle, in 8 the brother or older cousin had wronged the child for whom the community demanded their special protection. In addition to these cases discovered at Geneva, the court records show at in at least 78 other cases the girl who was brought in as delinquent had been wronged in this way - in 43 of these by her own father.

In families of this degraded type is found, too, not only that the girl is victimized by her father but that she is often led to her undoing by her mother or by the woman who has undertaken to fill a mother's place. It was found, for example, that in cases where the girl was charged with immorality, the mother or the woman guardian -- an aunt, a grandmother, or an older sister with whom the girl lived -- was implicated in the offense if not responsible for it.

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Attention should be called to the fact that degraded and drunken habits of life are not the peculiar product of large cities. The personal interviews with the girls at Geneva who came from the smaller cities and rural communities of the state, together with the statements in the school records regarding the circumstances responsible for their commitment, show a degradation in family life which parallels that found in the homes of many of the Chicago children. Out of of these country girls, 86 were the children of fathers with intemperate habits, and 13 had intemperate mothers.

In 31 cases the girl's delinquency had been caused by her father or some other relative. Helen comes from a large family, there being eight children. Her father is a miner and unable to support the older girls. She was told at the age of fourteen that she was old enough to support herself and to get out. She came to Chillicothe because of the draftees from Western Pennsylvania, some of whom had been her acquaintances. The girl was found living in a dirty basement room with "Mag" Strawser, a character of local repute, and spent every evening either at the movies or at the public dance balls with soldiers.

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She was taken home from the movies and an effort was made to place her in a decent room, but twice she ran away and back to the same environment. The Juvenile Judge wrote to the father, asking him to send money for her return home, but he responded by saying that he didn't want the girl home as she must make her own living. As he couldn't send her money she was sent back. Three months later she was picked up in the park with soldiers. At the time she was dressed like a trapeze performer, in pink satin trimmed with eider down, grotesque in the extreme. She escaped from the Detention Home and three days later was picked up in the woods back of the Base Hospital with five soldiers.

Upon examination, was found to have gonorrhea. In a few weeks she had developed from the little red hood and mittens with the stout shoes of the foreigner into a painted-cheeked brow-blacked prostitute. She bad her name and address written on slips of paper that she passed out to soldiers on the streets.

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She was never able to give the names of soldiers with whom she cohabited, but upon first acquaintance would lend her bracelet or ring without hesitation. Evelyn claims to know absolutely nothing of her family or relations. Was found in a room in a hotel, where she had registered as the wife of a soldier. Seemed entirely friendless and alone. Had scarcely any clothing, and there was no evidence of refinement to be found about her. She is small, slight and anemic, has an active syphilis as well as an acute gonorrhea. At first she seemed to be entirely hardened, not caring what any one thought of her or what became of her.

Later however she broke down and was just a poor broken-hearted. Admits to many dreadful experiences for her tender years. Claims for the past year has been on the vaudeville stage and has had illicit relations with a of members of the company. Left the troop at Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. Here she picked up with a soldier who brought her to Columbus, Ohio, and she has been picking up soldiers on the streets and going out with them in taxis. The only person who could be reached having an acquaintance with the girl is Mrs.

Harding at Columbus. She wrote us that her daughter Gladys had become acquainted. When the girl came to Columbus she came to the Harding home and was treated as one of the family until she became incorrigible, when she went to the working girls' home. Evelyn believes herself to be an illegitimate.

From her earliest recollection she was in a Catholic institution. Was placed out when she was nine years old and from that time has been in many cities, in private homes, in institutions and out again. Has had no supervision of any kind. Has sought companionship and friendliness of any one that would show her any affection. Did not seem to feel that she had done anything very wrong. It seems to be a case of society's neglect to an orphan. She was taken to the Isolation Hospital for treatment for syphilis infection and escaped within 24 hours. Frances was 12 years old when in July,a probation officer of the Juvenile Court reported that she remained out late nights, sometimes all night, refused to obey father or mother, would go into a room and lock the door, compelling parents to force an entrance, etc.

When 14 years old she was brought into court on the complaint of her mother that she kept bad company and was known in the neighborhood as a depraved child, being accused by one neighbor of stealing a bracelet. She had been on probation and the reports had been fairly encouraging. Every little while there were reports of disobedience with threats of sending her to an institution, followed by improved conduct for a while.

For a short time Frances had tried boarding outside her home. At the hearing in court her mother testified: "She did not want to go to work and also stayed away from home nights, would not tell where. When I looked for her I almost got a licken from the old man. He says I did not have to look for her when she was no good. He licked me. Sets very bad example for the children. The other children [4 younger ones at home] seem to get along and mind the mother, but this girl and an older married sister were the wayward ones.

Her mother drank but was never intoxicated. She was sent to the House of Good Shepherd where she remained a full year and "made good. Her mother then applied for her release on the ground that she had rheumatism and a new baby 6 months old. An investigation of the home was made. The neighbors reported the "family are quarreling, parents continually drunk, use vile language, and while well fed and kept, the environment is such that just as soon as the girls become self-supporting they leave home.

Sikora is abusive to his wife, insanely jealous, charges his wife with immorality constantly. The mother, when questioned, admitted that an older daughter, now 18 years old, had had a "wild" career and then married. The next daughter left home because of complaints of her staying out late Naked sex Rockford Illinois any older men like playing with a younger girl. She bad been in the House of the Good Shepherd, was not 17 years old and her mother knew nothing of her whereabouts. Catherine was sent to the industrial class at Geneva when only nine years old, apparently for immorality.

She said her mother was a very "nice woman" but her father was a "poor sort of father. Catherine was allowed to return to her until she died three months later. The father --disappeared and Catherine returned to Geneva. The Genevan authorities reported that Catherine was hard to control at first but after she had been made to see that the whole world was not against her, she settled down, became very obedient and was one of their best girls. She had nothing vicious about her, was easily influenced for good and showed she had a great deal of good in her and much energy, which if properly directed would make her develop into a good woman.

When Catherine was fourteen years old her brother had her released from Geneva on parole to him. He took her to live with him in Rockford, in. Catherine worked steadily and well for six months.

Naked sex Rockford Illinois any older men like playing with a younger girl

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