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Official website. Personal LinkedIn. Pete Ricketts Republican Party is the 40th governor of Nebraska. He assumed office on January 8, His current term ends on January 5, He was last elected in the general election on November 6, Prior to being elected governor, Ricketts worked for Ameritrade, the financial firm founded by his father, Joe Ricketts. He also ran for the U. Senate in Nebraska, losing to incumbent Sen. Ben Nelson D-Neb. Ricketts was born on August 19,in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

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He earned a bachelor's degree in biology and an MBA in marketing and finance from the University of Chicago. He returned to his hometown of Omaha to work for his father's company, which later became known as Ameritrade.

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He held the following positions throughout his career: senior vice president of strategy and business development, senior vice president of marketing, and chief operating officer. Ricketts also founded Drakon LLC, an organization that sought to support local entrepreneurs and startup companies. Ricketts, along with three of his siblings, purchased the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field in Incumbents are bolded and underlined. The have been certified. There were no incumbents in this race.

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In June ofGovernor Ricketts announced a new milestone for job creation in Nebraska: over one million non-farm jobs for the first time in state history. In andthe of Nebraska economic development projects exceeded that of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Kansas combined. Developing a 21st-Century Workforce Attracting new opportunities and next-generation jobs to Nebraska requires a workforce equipped to fill new, high-skill positions. The cutting-edge reemployment program developed by the Ricketts administration has been nationally recognized for getting unemployed Nebraskans back into the workforce while getting for taxpayers.

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DYTI has proven successful in encouraging participating students to pursue interests in technology and manufacturing. Hastings High School, for example, experienced a 16 percent increase in enrollment in Skills and Technical Science classes among incoming freshmen who had participated in a year of 8th-grade DYTI programming.

Promoting the Silicon Prairie In the competition to attract new investment and job opportunities to Nebraska, the customer-friendly, pro-growth approach to economic development and regulatory reform advanced by the Ricketts administration has given Nebraska a competitive edge. This is especially true for technology firms that are providing Nebraskans with the jobs of the future.

InFacebook announced the development of a major data center in Papillion. The Cornhusker State is a great place to do business. Governor Ricketts has tirelessly worked to develop new trade relationships and strengthen existing ties, both across the U. Trade can be described in dollars and cents, but its impact can be seen in the lives of Nebraskans across the state.

For example, when Kawasaki announced its investment in aerostructures production in Lincoln, longtime Kawasaki production worker Eric Jones was given the opportunity to become a supervisor, where he earns a good wage to support his wife and three children. When companies invest in Nebraska, they are also making an investment in our people. Combining leaders in business, agriculture, and education, the Council supports the development of partnerships to grow investment and strengthen trade relationships.

Providing Tax Relief Each year of his administration, Governor Ricketts has fought to provide Nebraskans with relief from high state and local taxes, especially property taxes. Controlling State Spending Controlling Spending Means Tax Relief The only path to a balanced state budget and tax relief for Nebraska families and job creators is careful control of state spending.

Through a focus on efficiency and the elimination of waste, Governor Ricketts has prioritized property tax relief while also ensuring essential state services are properly funded. InGovernor Ricketts worked with the Legislature to cut the Republican city NE wife swapping rate of state spending again, this time to 0. Implementing Strong Spending Controls The Governor has held the line on spending, implementing a hiring freeze that reduced the state workforce byor about four percent. Governor Ricketts Republican city NE wife swapping also eliminated 1, open positions.

The Governor has directed state agencies to reduce discretionary expenditures and purchases of new equipment and trim operating costs to keep spending under control. Governor Ricketts has made advancing Nebraska agriculture a top priority.

A strong agricultural sector is an essential element of a growing, prosperous Nebraska. Through initiatives like the Livestock Friendly Counties program, now 44 counties strong, our state continues to demonstrate its commitment to strengthening agriculture for future generations.

Cutting Red Tape More time and money spent complying with regulations leaves less for running an ag operation and building it for future generations. When Governor Ricketts took office, a web of red tape and unnecessary regulation had made it difficult for farm families to even operate the vehicles required in their operations.

Working with the Department of Motor Vehicles, the State Patrol, and the Nebraska Cattlemen, Governor Ricketts supported a new deation for operators of vehicles being used in agricultural operations.

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Farmers and ranchers should be focused on feeding the world, not on unnecessary regulations from Lincoln. WOTUS rule. Under the leadership of the Governor and Attorney General Doug Peterson, Nebraska has been at the forefront of legal fights to end damaging regulation that harms Nebraska ag producers. The Coalition worked to prevent Washington lobbyists from tampering with point of obligation rules, preserving biofuel as a sustainable energy resource and an important Nebraska export.

Trump and industry leaders from across the country during a White House Energy Week policy roundtable. Promoting Nebraska Beef Governor Ricketts has promoted Nebraska beef, the finest in the world, across the United States and in countries all around the globe. The Governor has advanced beef promotion activities in markets as varied as Japan, Italy, and even New York City, advocating the world-leading quality, safety, and health of this quintessential Nebraska export.

Nebraska Beef Producers Leading the Nation Nebraska beef producers are leading the industry in expanding the horizons of beef exports. Inas China allowed the importation of U. ThroughNebraska beef ed for over half of the beef exported to China.

Infrastructure is a critical component of this mission. Well-functioning infrastructure facilitates the flow of people and goods across Nebraska, and enables Nebraska products and services to reach customers across the nation and around the world. Expanding Funding for Local Infrastructure Local government plays a central role in the maintenance and improvement of Nebraska roadways. The Nebraska Department of Transportation increased efficiency and made millions in new road funding available to cities and counties by increasing the federal swap rate.

While promoting innovations in the funding of infrastructure projects, Governor Ricketts remains dedicated to the principle of Pay As You Go. This approach will ensure sustainable improvement for years to come. Better Serving Nebraskans DHHS has focused on improving performance where it matters most: everyday interactions with Nebraskans and stewardship of taxpayer dollars.

As a result of process improvement efforts within DHHS, Nebraskans interacting with the agency have seen major improvements, including:. Reforms included simplified applications, improved instructions and outreach to nursing applicants, and ificantly reduced processing times. In fact, processing times have declined from an average of 96 days in November of to just 30 days in December of This information equips women and their physicians to make better-informed decisions about their healthcare.

In December ofthe Ricketts administration introduced WIC Journey, a set of reforms making the Women, Infants, and Children program more efficient and user-friendly. Making Government Work Better Often, the best course government can take is to get out of the way of the ingenuity and industriousness of Nebraska job creators. While working to transform the culture of state government, Governor Ricketts has eliminated many obstacles the state imposed on job creators across industries.

Rules and regulations should be understandable, pose as little a burden as possible, and most importantly, be necessary. In July ofGovernor Ricketts issued an executive order suspending all agency rulemaking and launching a review of existing state regulations.

Governor Ricketts has fought this expansion in state government, and is working to implement reforms that. From small gestures of kindness to caring for the innocent Republican city NE wife swapping vulnerable, Nebraskans live out their values. Governor Ricketts has worked with the Legislature to advance policies that safeguard innocent life, preserve the dignity of people, and allow Nebraskans to express these values they hold most dear. A Budget that Reflects Nebraska's Values Using new authority granted by Congress and the Trump administration, Governor Ricketts has proposed ending the payment of Title X funding to abortion providers.

This change is another step to ensuring taxpayer dollars do not support abortion providers in Nebraska. The bill makes Nebraska the first state in the nation to require that pregnant women, upon receiving the diagnosis of a lethal fetal abnormality, be provided with essential information about perinatal hospice services.

Improving the Provision of Developmental Disability Services Through its focus on efficiency and customer service, the Ricketts administration has streamlined state processes for providing developmental disability services and helping families access these important programs more easily. ly, a family applying for state developmental disability services had to fill out 14 s of paperwork. Now, this application has been shortened to only three s. Today, that review period has been cut down to only 16 days, a nearly 80 percent reduction in wait time.

Supporting Military Spouses The men and women serving our country in uniform are ed in selfless service by their families, who also make great sacrifices in defense of our freedoms. Governor Ricketts has made it a priority for our state to be as welcoming and accommodating as possible to military families.

Ricketts endorsed Donald Trump R in the presidential election. The finance data shown here comes from the disclosures required of candidates and parties. Depending on the election or state, this may not represent all the funds spent on their behalf. Satellite spending groups may or may not have expended funds related to the candidate or politician on whose you are reading this disclaimer, and campaign finance data from elections may be incomplete.

For elections to federal offices, complete data can be found at the FEC website. for more on federal campaign finance law and here for more on state campaign finance law. Ballotpedia collects information on campaign donors for each year in which a candidate or incumbent is running for election.

See the table below for more information about the campaign donors who supported Pete Ricketts. On February 1,Ricketts announced that he would self-quarantine after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID Note: Please if the personal information below requires an update. Ballotpedia identified counties that voted for Donald Trump R in after voting for Barack Obama D in and Collectively, Trump won these Pivot Counties by more thanvotes.

Of these counties, one is located in Nebraska, ing for 0. Nebraska had one Retained Pivot County, 0. Nebraska elections in Voting in Nebraska What's on my ballot? Elections calendar Election governance Ballot access for Republican city NE wife swapping Ballot access for parties Campaign finance Republican city NE wife swapping Redistricting. List of Nebraska ballot measures Local measures Ballot measure laws Campaign finance requirements.

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Republican city NE wife swapping

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