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Or one that's fretful siowii, He takes it gently by the bond i As though it were his own. Whom everybody knows. Some day you'll see the lazy man Come strolling: down your street. Anderson, In Youth's Com-' panlon. A low laugh, mirthless and diy, came from the fartherpvjst recess, and after a time a man.

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Did you miss me? The light which now bhone mpon his face showed it as wearing a blank look. I "Come nearer, Hany," Hartley cw"- manded in a low tone. The attorney bent closer. Listen to me. Theresa nobody in the coriidor and the other two solitaires are empty.

Do you understand tbat? Ah, you're laughing again.

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Listen, I tell yoa. Don't you know that you must coTuflde in me if you expect me to work hopefully for your acquittal?

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Don't laugh, I tell you. I want yoiu to talk to me. I want you to be trustful for once. I tvant you to tell me the truth, Iwa. Thia appearance of insanity may deceive your jailers and itjnay later confuse the jury, but you must be open, and frank with me.

Tell me the story. Then he uttered tha:t low, dry, cheerless laiugh. The hard laugh sprung up again. Bat in a. Go on and glare vacantly if you want to, Harry. Perhaps it'll do no. There's nobody here to see you but me, and nobody to hear your voice. I've been studying day and night.

I've been inquiring into the secrets of the books that tell of insanity. I've gone into the three great divisions of idiocy, dementia, and mania, and I've probed to tho bottom. And, Harry Keene, you're no more insane than I am this minute.

Why won't you be candid with me? Why won't you help me to make up a clear defense?

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You won't? Well, then, listen to the story of the murder of Finley Hedges. It's the story of your as- lassina-tion of your friend. I know that for weeks before you shot him in the public square yoiu had planned it. I know that you had made that discovery concerning your boyhood's associate which no man can make without wanting to kill.

You found out what inr.

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Men would have called it a praiseworthy act yes, and women, too. So you calculated how you could punish Hedges without loosening the tongues of a little babel. I'm not accusing y o u ; I'm 1 not extenuating. So OU chose to go insane. That would make it easy.

You could kill a n y o n e un 1 there would be no danger of cither ot the things which j on dreaded. The prisoner had been listening with eager attention and with the flie of intelligence in his eyes. You know you were afraid of hanging, o you started in to establish yourself ahead of time. For weeks before the day you selected for the killing you practiced a system of progresshe lunacy. The first day your actions were just a. And afterward your absence of mind became more pronouncei'.

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Yes, you studied it carefully. You worked up to small violences petty fits of disquiet. You met Dr. Parsons on the street and struck him and would not tell why. Not a word to. Hedges yet. If ot a word of accusation to either of them. You acted still as has lifelong friend'. But in a hundred little Way s you built a frame of detail for the bloody picture which you planned, to paint on the 14th of October.

But you were afraid. Oh, how fearful you were that somebody would find out! How you dreaded the possibility ,of somebody else stumbling on that volume of Granger's 'Progressive Insanity," which furnished you with the basis for your calculations! But Hartley could see he shivered. It took me three weeks of hard labor to get on the track of t,Tie things, but I know the secret of it. I know with what ingenuity you calculated your every act.

All that you did was plapned to have its bearing on the coming crime. You made an art of insanity. You lived, moved and had your being in an air of mental disorder. How cleverly you did it! The blacksmith is usually looktd upon n tlu ide. I'ierce's Golden Medical Discovery The man who does this will alwavs go io his work and come from it, whistling A good wife or mother can be of u'eat aid in this respect.

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Hird working men are prone to disregard little disorders and let them run on. The good wife should sec to it that there is always a bottle of ' Golc'en Medical Discovery' in the house, and that it is used when needed An honest dealer won't advise a substitute "About four years ago 1 was greatly afflicted will torpid liver," writes Miss Ntllie Doyle of Potsdom, St. Lawrence CoN. His face, ly pale, was now white. His teeth chatteredi "I f " ie said.

Then suddenly his eyes glared a fiercer brightness than ever before. Tyith ashen fflce, writhed, out of his fast, leaving the prisoner's hands clasped around the collar. Keene dragged it into the eel] and beat and choked the garment in wild fury. Die, then, and Hedges. Hartley shivered, but not with cold. Chicago Record.

Saf for swms Trenton New Jersey or more

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