Tonight friday or saturday

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Replies sorted oldest to newest. Today is Friday. Tonight is Friday night.

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A arash Member. Hello everybody I wanted say these sentences in two ways. May you correct them, please? Tonight is Friday night 2. Tonight is night Saturday. Original Post.

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Arash, you have to say "Saturday night. Without any context, "Tonight is Friday or Saturday night" does not sound like a logical phrase to say if the interlocutor knows it's Friday or Saturday, then s he must know that that day's night is Friday or Saturday night. I can only imagine this dialog to provide some context in which that sentence could be uttered David, DocV, please let me know if you find it reasonable : A: We can have a pizza tonight.

B: Well, tonight is not any night. I can refer to tonight in two ways, because tonight is after today Friday and before tomorrow Saturday. Do the two ways correct, please? Many thanks. Arash, only 1 is correct, subject to the restrictions I stated further above.

David, Moderator Moderator. Thanks a million. Sorry I don't meaning ignore the answer I received in comment 2, I wanted to explained context that Gustavo said in comment 2. Many thanks you. Many thanks Gustavo.

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Tonight friday or saturday

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